FAQs – Human Resources

Welcome to our V-Portfolio Website. If your company is looking for a hard-working, motivated, ethical employee it is our mission to connect your organization to Honorably Discharged Veterans in the Lehigh Valley that could fulfill these qualifications and more. Listed below are answers to questions that we often receive:

What type of screening process does each veteran undergo to be profiled on V-Portfolio website?
Each Veteran who posts their e-portfolio on the site undergoes a vetting process with our VPortfolio Recruiting Committee which consists of several key members experienced in professional recruitment. This committee evaluates applicants based upon honorary discharge; job qualifications; educational background and other key factors. Each Veteran is provided a Committee Coach to ensure they provide a complete e-portfolio of themselves and meet all the necessary requirements for posting.

Will my HR department be able to have direct contact with the Veteran(s) I have chosen through the website?
V-Portfolio’s goal is to be a networking site to connect Veterans with Companies that support hiring veterans. Once the connection is made on V-Portfolio then the rest is up to HR to connect directly with the Veteran themselves not through the V-Portfolio connection.
Is there a subscription fee?
At this time there is not any type of subscription fee.

Will you allow soliciting of any kind? Or sell any information?
V-Portfolio DOES NOT allow any type of soliciting.

Are all connections HR makes with a Veteran and vice versa kept confidential? Do you have a privacy of information statement?
V-Portfolio is committed to keeping any and all personal information collected private-NEED A FORMAL STATEMENT ONLINE POLICY

Does a Veteran have to live in the Lehigh Valley? Does the Company have to be located in the Lehigh Valley?
Since the V-Portfolio is sponsored by LVMAC the intention is to keep all employment connections made within the Lehigh Valley. However, having said this the V-Portfolio Committee Coach may allow exceptions.

The VPortfolio Recruitment Committee